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For Dr. Simeons Pounds & Inches

When you use hCG for your weight loss you will lose unwanted pounds and inches fast. The hCG diet plan is easy, affordable and can be done DIY or with medical supervision.


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NuImage Medical

  • The #1 Telemed Doctor supervised hCG diet plan in the US. 
  • They will customized your protocol for you to included; B12 shots, Lipotropics injections and even increase your calories if needed.
  • 26 and 43 hCG Diet plans available.
  • Nationwide next day delivery of your hCG Injections, Pellets or Drops.
  • Approved hCG diet food prepared by gourmet chefs.

USA hCG Shots

  • The #1 safe USA No Prescription hCG Injection
  • For the Ultimate DIY hCG Diet person
  • Self Regulated hCG shots no medical supervision or support.
  • They have MIC injections, B12 shots and Lipotropics to help you lose unwanted fat fast.
  • Also specialized shots for athletes are available. 

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