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Real Drops for the hCG Diet

hCG Drops

A Sublingual Overview

When you make the decision to do the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet Plan, one route you may choose for taking the hormone is taking your hCG drops under your tongue.

Below we will go over oral hCG for your diet and provide your useful information to make the best decision as to where to buy hCG legally and the best way to take the drops.

Are the Drops Effective?

Bottom line, YES.  The hCG in drops form are actually stronger than what you would use for injections. Because you are now taking your diet drops sublingual you have to insure you get the same dosage you would if you were injecting.

Sublingual administration is when medication is placed under the tongue to be absorbed by the vein that lays under your tongue where the hCG is absorbed rapidly into your system.

Placing the drug under the tongue for rapid absorption can be easier if you have aversion to self injections.

How Do I Take The Diet Drops?

For maximum effectiveness DO not eat or drink 30 minutes before or after you take the drops.  Typically your schedule will be like this if you are 3x a day.

AM (ideally) brush your teeth then take your oral drops.

NOON 30 min before lunch.

PM  30 minutes before dinner.

Place 4-6 hcg diet drops directly under your tongue and hold for 5-15 minutes for maximum effectiveness and absorption. The longer you can hold the liquid under sublingually the better the hCG will release the fat stores in your body so you will not feel hungry while on a VLCD.

hcg drops

Are Real hCG Drops At Wal-Mart?

NO. Nor will you be able to buy hCG at WalGreens, GNC, CVS off the shelf. Those are homeopathic hCG which do not contain any hormone. trace or otherwise.

Real hCG MUST be kept cool, are not made with alcohol. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a delicate hormone that loses its effectiveness when exposed to heat and alcohol kills the hormone and renders it useless.

There isn't any homeopathic hCG vs anything. It's like comparing an apple to a lizard. And to boot hCG isn't in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. Some prescription medications are, but hCG isn't one of them.

Are Prescriptions Required for Sublingual hCG?

Yes AND No. Confusing? Well let's clear it up. In the USA you need a script for medication that is controlled by the FDA such as hCG.  However, the FDA will allow you to import medication for personal use without a prescription.  When you import for personal use you will be able to buy hcg without a prescription.

Where To Buy hCG Drops?

Online is the best way and there are 2 methods you can choose to order hCG for your diet plan.

  1. Medically supervised weight loss program
  2. Telehealth service with licensed US doctors
  3. Prescription filled by Licensed hCG pharmacy in the US regulations and requirements
  4. Support to you via Phone, email, or online chat every day.
  5. Worldwide shipping
  6. Overnight shipping
  7. All hCG kits & hCG supplies to ensure your success on the diet
  8. hCG Purity Test results available.
  9. No Blood Test
  10. Consultation for your order within moments
  11. Major Credit Cards Accepted.

NuImage Medical provides this and more! Nationwide Food Delivery, Lipotropic Injections and support support support!

They also provide you with details on how to mix your oral hCG for and send you all the supplies you need. Help is always available if you need it get confused or just need a calming reassuring voice to walk through the process.

The second method to buy hCG online.

  1. Really Cheap hCG priceses. Lowest hCG online price wise.
  2. hCG diet kits also available
  3. Lipotropics and MIC injections for fat burning
  4. Fully licensed hCG pharmacy provider in their country
  5. No support. Not medically supervised
  6. Recommended for seasoned hcg dieters
  7. Worldwide Shipping
  8. Shipping time varies 5-15 days
  9. Visa, MasterCard & Western Union

Escrow Refills is an escrow service that is your portal to purchase hCG and other medications online. They are fully insured and provide real hCG from their licensed overseas pharmacies and providers.

How Much hCG Do I Need to Buy?

With NuImage they will take care of all your needs. But the rule of thumb is you want the most hCG in your system to suppress your appetite and not have hunger pains while on a 500 calorie diet like the hCG protocol.

When you are mixing your drops you want more hCG than injections thus a 10,000 ampoule of hCG would be required for a standard 26 day diet plan.

You can reconstitute the hCG with liquid B12 add stevia to make the taste pleasant and even add colloidal silver.

You do need some supplies an hCG kit is the best way to go thus ensuring you have all the material you need to make your hCG drops.

Is It Safe to Import Buy hCG?

Yes. Our recommended source has provided hCG online to thousands of people without incident. They do provide insurance and if you have any problems as long as you use your credit card, you do have recourse.

Thanks for allowing us to help you on your hCG journey. The diet does work and countless people have lost weight using the hCG & the very specific diet plan of 500 calories.

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