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The Skinny on the hCG Pellets

Can You Really Take hCG in Pill Form?

Yes but this isn't something you can make at home and there are no hCG pills kits.  You have to obtain these diet pills from a licensed online provider who specializes in medical weight loss using the hormone.

hCG is a very delicate hormone where overheating can destroy the effects of how it reacts in the body. Thus pharmaceutical techniques  and protocols are used to preserve the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and retain its power of fat releasing and muscle sparing when you are on a VLCD.

Can I Get the Tables OTC?

No. Unfortunately the hCG pellets that are offered at your nearest drugstore or WalMart haven't any hCG in them. Remember hCG itself is a prescription during.  And according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US, if you would still need a prescription for a drug in its homeopathic state.

To boot hCG isn't in their formulary as a cure. You see the HPUS states the cure must come from the disease and hCG isn't a cause of weight gain thus it cannot be a cure for weight loss.

The OTC hCG diet pills are fake snake oil designed to make them money.  They do not have the properties of the hormone that will protect your muscles from wasting while on the 500 calorie diet and release your fat to suppress your hunger.

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Where Can Pharmaceutical hCG Pills Be Purchased?

hCG pellets have not 'taken off' as the hCG shots or drops have because they are not easy to make. The proper protocols must be adhered to to ensure the hCG is preserved.

However you can obtain the diet pills online and have them delivered to you so you can follow Dr. Simeons hCG protocol for weight loss just like the hCG drops or shots.

How Do I Take the Tablets?hcg diet pills

hCG tablets are similar to taking the hCG drops. You have to place them under your tongue and allow them to dissolve.

The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone cannot be swallowed like other pills as the acids in your stomach will destroy them and render the hCG ineffective and your weight loss efforts will be in vain.

The pill is administered sublingually, dissolves in your mouth in about 5 minutes, no eating or drinking for 30 minutes before or after to maximum effectiveness then you are on your way. No mess, no clean up, on mixing and no shots! You can follow your human chorionic gonadotropin diet like others except you are taking the diet pill version of the protocol.

Are The Pills Really As Good As The hCG Injections or Drops?

Yes. Placing the pill under the tongue and allowing it to naturally dissolve the vein that is under the tongue will absorb the hCG hormone pellet.

Once the hormone is in your system it will signal your body to use the circulating hCG to break up your existing fat stores. Your fat reserves will be used to provide you nutrition and calories.

You will feel comfortable and not hungry because the hCG is hacking your fat stores and providing the additional energy your body needs to function.

hCG tables have the same effect on both men and women providing the same very low calorie diet is followed.

Is the Diet Done Differently with hCG Pellets?

No not at all. The hCG protocol is done the same way regardless of the how you take your hCG. You will still have 4 Phases in the diet plan, the same foods are eaten and you will be restricted to a VLCD of 500 to 800 calories daily.

Who Do You Recommend to Buy Pharmaceutical hCG Pills From?

Our #1 Source of pharmaceutical hCG tablets is NuImage. They have a fully licensed doctors on staff for you to speak with and obtain your hCG prescription for hCG pellets.

  • Same Day phone consultation where the physician review your form via their telehealth service
  • Prescription for hCG will be provided in your name & administered via their US licensed pharmacy.
  • Phone, email, or online chat support available daily
  • Next Day Shipping, Standard Shipping & Worldwide shipping available
  • Lab purity test for the hCG available on site
  • Lipotropics MIC & B12 Shots are available to speed fat burning.
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Are You Ready?

If are ready to lose the unwanted fat and have a new lease on life, then we have helped provide the information you need.

We look forward to hearing from you as you start you hCG journey to fat lose and a healthy lifestyle.

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